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Ros Arnott - Medical Herbalist

Natural Fertility

Natural fertility methods can help you to understand about your unique menstrual cycle. The information Ros Arnott provides about your individual cycle can be used to help towards a successful pregnancy or alternatively to prevent pregnancy through natural contraception techniques.

Ros also uses her complementary medicine knowledge to help with health conditions that may be inhibiting your fertility.

Raising fertility awareness is beneficial for both men and women and can help you observe and manage your own fertility. It is relevant to all ages and every stage of reproductive life from puberty through to menopause.

Natural fertility is suited to anyone who questions their reliance on artificial intervention and seeks safe, healthy and natural alternatives. Ros teaches women how to understand and interpret their individual and unique menstrual cycle.

Fertility Awareness

Fertility awareness is the ability to recognise and understand the naturally occurring signs of fertility in a woman's menstrual cycle. Fertility Awareness is knowledge-based and can help men and women observe and manage their fertility.

Planning a Pregnancy

Do you want to have a baby? If so Ros may be able to help you. She can teach you to identify the fertile time in your cycle. This will help you to target sexual intercourse appropriately. She can also help you to identify any hormonal imbalances that may be present and prescribe herbs and supplements to help correct any issues either parent may have.

Breastfeeding & Fertility

Breastfeeding does not fully protect you from a pregnancy. Ros can give you an understanding of how breastfeeding affects your fertility so you can use this information to avoid a pregnancy.

Fertility & Menopause

Understanding signs of declining fertility can enable you to manage this stage of your life with confidence.

Pre-Conception Care

You can ensure that your body is fit to reproduce successfully only if you have prepared yourself well for several months before conception. If you want the healthiest pregnancy, the healthiest birth and the healthiest baby, Ros recommends around 3 months pre‐conception care for both parents. Your preparation for conception should ensure an adequate supply of all the factors essential to the health of the sperm, the egg and foetal development, and an absence of all those which have been shown to be harmful. She can guide you to ensure this happens. This is also very important if you need to conceive by IVF.

Find getting pregnant difficult?

Achieving pregnancy can sometimes be difficult and frequent sex is not always the solution. Timing is crucial – Ros can teach you how to confidently judge your optimum time of the month to conceive.

PCOS, Endometriosis, anovulatory cycles, sperm numbers, sperm motility or sperm morphology issues.

Ros may be able to help you with a drug free approach recommending appropriate herbs, supplements and also lifestyle and dietary advice.

Wanting to avoid pregnancy?

Are you looking for natural contraception? Ros teaches the Sympto-Thermal method to people who are motivated to avoid pregnancy. It is scientifically proven and is World Health Organisation and NZ Ministry of Health approved. The method is least 98% effective when taught by an Accredited Educator. (NFNZ, WHO, Ministry of Health NZ). You will be taught to check for 3 markers in your menstrual cycle to accurately identify the fertile and non‐fertile stages in your cycle.


"I found Ros to be a wonderful fertility mentor. She provided me care during a period when my husband and I didn’t wish to conceive and she guided me through the fertility awareness programme and teaching me the methods of interpreting the resulting charts. She was able to provide some natural remedies to help smooth out my hormones and irregular cycles (due to undiagnosed PCOS). When my husband and I decided to conceive we went straight back to her. I am currently 25 weeks carrying a healthy baby – much to our delight. “ M.D.

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