Ros Arnott - Medical Herbalist

Massage Therapy

Massage dates back over 5000 years in China and India. It was used as an adjunct to medicinal treatments giving great benefit to people. The bible refers to massage as ‘anointing’. Touch is an instinctive part of human nature. While the use of massage declined in the Middle Ages it has seen resurgence in the western world with people recognising its health and wellbeing benefits.

Therapeutic Massage

Manipulation of soft tissue, focusing mainly on relaxation and the easing of nervous stress, anxiety and tension. This type of massage also helps with restlessness. You will relax and sleep better. Ros offers therapeutic or remedial massage and deep tissue massage.

Massage appointments available

30 minutes or one hour
Sessions are tailored to your individual needs. Book an appointment on 06 355 4556 OR 021 178 6873


“ I look forward to my monthly massage with Ros. She has a knack of finding knots and relaxing muscles tensed from the stress of daily living. Her wonderful massage skills are balanced with a genuinely caring and empathic approach.” L.B.

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